Friday, April 15, 2011

Altered Life - Day 4

So I know I said yesterday I wasn't too sore. I guess I spoke too soon! I decided to go to the gym and do my usual elliptical workout. I only made in 30 minutes. Man now my body is sore from my belly button to my knees. This should make for an interesting practice tomorrow! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My oldest daughter want to California for Spring Break. She left Wednesday and I have only spoke to her a few times. Today she was going to Alcatraz and San Francisco. I am sure she is having a blast and doesn't miss me nearly as much as I miss her! (she took my camera so that explains my lack of pictures) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My son throws shot put and disk for Track. He has been working extra hard at his disk throwing (is that what you call it???) Yesterday he had his personal best 109 feet and 10 inches and he qualified for Sectionals! I even received a text message from his sharing the news. Shocking I know! We are so proud of him and I know he will only continue to improve! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can't leave out Makayla! She has been busy with lots of softball practices. It is so nice to kick her out of the house and not feel guilty because it is 20 degrees or colder, LOL. She is selling candy bars for cheer leading so if you need a chocolate fix, let us know! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am looking forward to the weekend! It should be busy and fun! Derby, baby shower and hopefully lots of painting as I am behind schedule. I have 3 pieces of furniture to finish painting, 8 signs to finish. Lets hope for a productive weekend!

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  1. You better be careful that you don't over work those muscles or you could end up being more than just sore. Sounds like the kids have a busy schedule...Kimmy won't want to come back from CA.